Sunday, 15 January 2017

poetry in the desert

A carefull peep,
through the cracked walls,
of this solitary hut in
in the desert's heart,
i see a skeleton mum,
pulling a poor basin,
from under the table,
and her leg is feeble,
i see her expose her whites,
not for pleasure, untold anguish,
then she makes a full cover,
of the poor basin,
and she aligns her sacred pit into the
poor basin,
that dosen't complain,
even as the skeleton mum bewitches it,
as she drains herself off the body urine,
to be used tomorrow as drinking watwer,
that quench their thirst,
the desert apes and babes,
she then retreats back and falls,
with a musical thud at a no seat,
for a second time,
her effortsto rise up again,
hits a rock with no gain,
am tempted to go help her up,
but how can i when taboo is the verb,
the act of a young man,
seeing an aged mum's bonney belly,
let her rest, let the skeleton mum rest,
she is devoid of strength,blood ,
and name,
she has lost them all in the heart of the,
wicked whistling desert,
she's fed on all the desert's thriving leaves,
she has fed on all the cattle carcas,
the remains ofv the once lived healthy cattle,
that succumb to drought,

                                By Omullo elly

Friday, 9 December 2016


It is very ironical here in Kenya, if you thought that  the leaders elected sleep dreaming change, reform or better lifestyle strategies of those who elected them, then you better think again. The leaders here from the top man x sited on broken chair on the top throne, seem less concerned about the plight of the innocent lives now claimed in ghostly hospitals that have been deserted by the striking Doctors. The political leaders are busy selling their empty policies to the desperate citizens as they run their campaigns come early at a time when they ought to settle down and deliver.
The death toll now counts to more than 30 lives claimed in just a week of strike. The Doctors have insisted on their slogan of NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER, and seemingly the strike will hits its second week by Monday. This will mean that the death toll might go a little bit higher.
The Doctors are demanding an increase of 300% on their pay. Ridiculous right? Yea i also think so, but truth be told, the Doctors signed an M.O.U with the government some time back over the same, and it was only but awaiting implementation which has turned into a night mere. My question is, why must the government give empty promises to the civil servants if it knows that implementation will be a problem? 300% increment means that a dentist who earns approximately 100k after taxation , will now earn 3M!
Who is to blame? The Doctors on strike, or the government? That is the big question, send your feedback

Two Members of parliament wrestling in a podium in front of the citizens who elected them to power.

The top man(on blue) and his deputy running their campaigns as people are dying in hospitals. 



Thursday, 8 December 2016

For over one week now, the fate of Kenyans lies between the jaws of yellow monkeys feeding on flesh as the loyal citizens feed on the bones out of the latter flesh.
 The Doctors have been on strike demanding an increament on their pay, leaving the patients suffer and some succumbing to death since there is not even a dog to attend to them. Well may be some of these pictures will speak to you better.

The phantom Kenyan Doctors,
apparently seen, heard and 
but have no physical reality,
they are ghost in themselves,
They have deserted the hospitals,
leaving the patients in agony,ghosts indeed,
some left with fresh wounds,
some left with ailing hearts,
serious burns, and stale breast,
that cant suckle even the unborn
others left with the invisible insects,
feeding on their flesh,
one was sturbed a night before,
on the head, ohoo what a pain!
but the Doctors left that sharp shameless
to settle forever on the man's flesh.
the sick ones cry with their teeth, no sound,
they are too weak to produce a sound,
they cry with no tears, dry cry,
all the water is dehydrated from their body,
sited on the throne, feeding on flesh,
born and raised inside a statehouse,
Does he really know what it means 
to suffer?
running his campaigns , selling his zero policies,
seeking another term to the office,
to complete the ghost, abstract projects,
who will vote you in while you watch,
the voters die as you run your campaigns?

                                              BY , poet elly


Am a proud citizen of Kenya. Asking why? well just imagine that once in a blue moon ,
after 50 years of independence, we have this one guy who has proven that it is possible to drink water where everyone is drinking wine! Dr. Fred Matang'i ,currently serving in the ministry of education as the cabinet secretary, has shown exemplary style of leadership that Africa has been yarning for.
From over 7000 cases of examination malpractices experienced in the previous leadership of person x, the cases went down to 21! May be am dreaming, but i think this is a good move. In the previous years before he took on the throne, atlest 4000 students were susceptible to missing their results for engaging in examination cheating.To him, the students were too innocent to miss results after couple of years in schools, and that curbing examination malpractices was dependant on the administaration and the ministry at large. Indeed he proved it right by reporting zero case of students missing their results. If only we had 5 leaders with the same ideology like this guy, Kenya would have been a beautiful girl. Well let us get it better in the poem below.

Wishes and fantasy,
are my portion,
Set in a race from my brain neurones,
down my spinal cord,
to my thin feeble feet,
If only we had many of you,
you that is missing,
May be only 2 of you,
you that knows that,
leadership is not everything,
but the only thing,
that leadership ought to be ,
and is sacred,
you that happily drinks black water,
when all the others drink wine,
you that sheds tears not for pain,
tears for the plight of this mama,
the hungry mama in north eastern Kenya,
where firewood is the carcass of the ,
herds of cattle,
that have succumb to serious dry spells,
where collecting rain water,
is an act of romance aimed at ,
getting a baby ,
for a man who was totoured in a
There it rain once a year,
and the water hardly fills a mug,
You that sits on the same matatu after Job,
with she that knows not the fuel price,
You are the you that Africa misses.

           By Poet ELLY
Taban Lyong's sentiments that Africa is barren of literary quality, or rather a desert of literary quality still holds some water. My little understanding of what is going on in the literary field in Africa is that literary works are no longer taken with much seriousness that they deserves as seen in other sectors like science and phillanthropological works.
A case study in Kenya for instance has it that the writers are never appreciated, that environment that can favour their works is not there at all.
Last week, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o a renown writer and a Nobel prize winner in literature, said a sentiment that caught my attention. `` Fifty years after independence, the Kenyan government does not understand the power of writing in building the economy, am best celebrated outside Kenya than I am in Kenya``